Stafford Homeschoolers

Growing Together in Community

Membership Guidelines

1. Membership in Stafford Homeschoolers is open to all families who are currently homeschooling or considering that path. We are an active, close-knit community, and we welcome new members to join in participating and planning our field trips, events, parties, and co-op.

2. Stafford Homeschoolers relies on its members to plan and participate in our events and activities. We ask that all members remain active in the group by serving on our leading teams or committees, planning events, and attending events.

3. Your username and password for access to the Stafford Homeschoolers website will only be for the use of immediate family members and should not be shared with others outside of your immediate family.

4. Stafford Homeschoolers is an inclusive community. We welcome members of all backgrounds and we ask that families be respectful of one another. Any issues with leadership or between members should be resolved privately. Please see our Conflict Resolution Policy for more details.

5. Photos taken of your children or family at Stafford Homeschoolers FSG (Family Support Group) or Stafford Homeschoolers Co-op events may be used on our private or public website to highlight our activities and events. Please indicate whether you agree or object to this policy on the registration form. We will review all photos before they are published to ensure we are sensitive to member's concerns.

6. Neither Stafford Homeschoolers FSG nor Stafford Homeschoolers Co-op make any claims to provide a complete education for your child. We serve as an enrichment experience to your child's education at home and a way to make meaningful connections and friendships for your family.

Updated 09 July 2014; JCF

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