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Liability Agreement 2014-2015

Any and all members of the Stafford Homeschoolers Family Support Group, referred to collectively hereafter as Stafford Homeschoolers FSG, will not hold Stafford Homeschoolers FSG, Stafford Homeschoolers Co-op, Ebenezer United Methodist Church, its members, officers, or any and all leadership liable for any accident, injuries, or losses suffered at or on any event, field trip, activity, meeting, or any other kind of group gathering regardless of location, occasion, activity, and/or harm to one’s person or their guest. This includes but not limited to transporting children, theft, physical or personal injury, financial or monetary loss, and
perceived losses and/or negligence.

By joining Stafford Homeschoolers, I hereby agree to the following terms and release of liability:

1.    Notice of Release of Liability:
Field trips, co-op, events, meetings, and activities for Stafford Homeschoolers are planned and organized by members of our group. Events are scheduled on the events calendar of our website ( If you wish to participate in an event, you will be assuming all risks, if any, for your participants. Each parent is responsible and liable for their family’s transportation to and from events. Parents are also responsible for monitoring their children’s behavior while participating in an event. Please consider the activities involved in each event and the suggested age level. If you feel that your child will not be able to safely handle an aspect of a field trip activity or event, you should remove your child from participating in the event. Each participant must assume the risk of physical injury, wrongful death, or property damage that could result from these activities or events.

2.    Agreement Releasing Liability:
I have read the liability agreement and my family will honor all policies and procedures outlined for Stafford Homeschoolers FSG and Stafford Homeschoolers Co-op and understand that failure to do so may result in restriction from participation or dismissal from the group. I understand that participation in field trips and activities is voluntary. Further, I release Stafford Homeschoolers FSG, Stafford Homeschoolers Co-op, leadership members, Ebenezer United Methodist Church and its representatives and assignees from all liability for any injury to my family or dependents as a result of participating in homeschooling field trips or activities. I agree that if any part of this agreement is voided, the remainder of the agreement shall remain in effect.

Please indicate you have read and agree to the above policy by signing the appropriate box on the registration form.

If you have any questions or issues with this policy, please contact us at [email protected]. This policy is for insurance purposes and to encourage personal responsibility when attending Stafford Homeschoolers events.

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