Stafford Homeschoolers

Growing Together in Community

Conflict Resolution 2014-2015

We are an inclusive group with members who come from all different backgrounds and homeschooling styles. We ask that you keep this in mind and remain respectful of others and their views.

● If you do have an issue with another member or with the group leadership, we ask that you follow the steps outlined here to resolve the conflict:
1.    Discuss the situation privately with those it affects directly. Please do not air grievances publicly.
2.    If the matter is not resolved, meet with a member of the Leadership Team to see if a solution can be found.
3.    If the matter persists, it will be brought before the full Leadership Team. The final decision on the resolution of the matter will be at the discretion of the Leadership Team.

● In order to maintain a comfortable environment where people feel free to participate and contribute to the good of the group, we cannot tolerate continuous negative behavior or obstructions. If this happens, the following steps will be taken:

1st Incident - at least two members of the Leadership Team will privately address the parties involved, offering assistance and correction.
2nd Incident - a written corrective action letter will be given to the parties involved as a second and final warning.
3rd Incident - will result in dismissal from Stafford Homeschoolers.

In all matters of conflict, please remember that confidentiality is a priority. Do not involve others in the matter without the knowledge of all parties involved. Failure to adhere to this regulation is grounds for removal from the group.

*To protect the safety and functionality of the group as a whole, membership in Stafford Homeschoolers Family Support Group can be terminated by decision of the Leadership Team at any time and without cause.

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